Honey Suns EP

by Honey Suns

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Honey Suns first official release.


released September 7, 2015

Recorded @ Wild Hare Recording
All songs written and recorded by Jordan Ballou


all rights reserved



Honey Suns Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Make It Right
Verse 1

Sometimes I get so down

But then my mind comes around

It’s you making me

The man I want to be


But I don’t make time for you

to get up and get us through

yeah I tell you that I just don’t have the time

to make it right

Verse 2

My words they won’t come up

and then my mouth fills with blood

I blame you for everything

I failed to be



Make it right, next week then you’ll finally see

all the problems

that I can’t ever be

a man that she~



Cause I don’t make time for you

to get up and get us through

but I tell you all the things you don’t get right

and I’ll draw it out till there’s no end in sight

because we both know i’ll never have the time

to make to right
Track Name: Downpour
Verse 1

When you give up

Everything you had

Well you can’t stop now

And that’s too bad


You thought you could end before you start


I’ll try to keep my head someplace dry

Despite all I do

I’m stuck in this downpour

Verse 2

Lover you were

Keeping around

He stole your heart (he stole your heart)

And you want it back now

Follow your dreams

Live your life

Forget me

Track Name: Stop By
Verse 1

I been taking ma’s advice

I ain’t telling no more lies

Got myself cleaned up for good

Put to rest all those times that I lost it

The lines that I crossed I drew new


When you come around

Don’t be shy, say hello

When you come around

Stop by-y-y-y-y-y-y-y

Verse 2

I hope you have done alright

Taking off in your flight

Do you look back on and laugh?

Thinking bout the time we slept in that garden

We asked no one’s pardon, it’s true

I asked no one’s pardon but you



Yeah, when our time is running out

And I am headed for the clouds

I hold my memories there

I still do care

Your silver hair

Oh death we’ll share

Verse 3
I was hoping you would write
Must be out of my mind
But I’m still holding’ out for you

Till the day when we put this behind us

Our memory still binds us it’s true

The piece of the puzzle of you


Stop by-y-y-y-y x3
Track Name: Everything You Know
Verse 1

Only time could heal my heart

Hasn’t it been long enough?

Only you could take me down

What goes comes around


You’re the same as them

Just as lame as them you know


And I know you’re the type that I’ll be tending to while bleeding out

And you know you’re the only one that I’d allow myself to fall

And I am, you can, and I know

Everything you know

Verse 2

It’s the part where we break up again

And all your friends drink yourselves to death

And forget us




Track Name: Take
Verse 1

Seems that I don’t belong

All I think about are things that I can’t change

Seems that I would say

Anything to get you off my mind

To make you go away


But the harder I push, the closer you get

The more I resist you insist


Take over my mind, over my life

Over my body’s yours

Do what you please, I can’t change a thing

Not that I’d want to

Break (intro)

Verse 2

Seems all I ever do

Is try to be a man without a heart

And yet you still forgive

Despite the things you can’t forget

That made you fall apart




You know I’m a wreck

Stop pretending not to check on me

I could say it a thousand more times

But you won’t give up on me

Track Name: Alright
Verse 1

Give your heart my best

and hello to the rest

and say I miss that body

like hell, but I’m here for now

Verse 2

So will you wait you for me?

And be my one, two, three

and give my life some meaning

some purpose, and a brighter light


Ooo-ooo, in dark you are my light

Ooo-ooo, stand tall and we’re alright

Verse 3

I’ll leave my love with you

No darkness can seep through

And I’ll return my darlin’ good as new

into your waiting arms



Verse 4

Give your heart my best

And hello to the rest

and say I miss that body

Like hell, but I’m here for now


Ooo-ooo, in dark you are my light

Ooo-ooo, stand tall and we’re alright

Ooo-ooo, in dark you are my light

stand tall and we’re alright

stand tall and we’re alright

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